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Well, I didn't see any other discussions for this group so I thought I would start one. I like that there is a group for the punk etsy people. Whenever I tell a stranger that I am a crafter they tend to look at me strange and say something along the lines of, "You seem to punky to do old lady stuff like that." Then I have to inform them that crafting is not just for old ladies. All different age groups craft. I may not do traditional crafting, but I give everything my own twist, like a lot of young crafters I know.

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hahaha I get that alot too...
how are everyones stores doing?
We should all trade banners and do some advertisment! :)
I am thrilled to find this group!! Though some of my pieces can be more "general" or "mundane" my favorite pieces always have a funky, more alternative asthetic. I do bath and body, photography, hair falls and computer piece jewelry.
thats awesome!! We gotta get this groups blood pumping a bit...
My stuff is generally a little more on the geeky side, but that qualifies as "alternative," right? I'm a child of the 80's and love crafting mini polymer clay jewelry of 80's memorabilia and toys!
OK everyone......ideas to punk up this group?!?!?! Anyone??????
Haha, the old lady thing is such a terrible misconception...punk kids are actually pretty creative. It's almost a necessity really, especially if your low on money and also because sometimes the stuff we like is hard to find. I say yay for cool alternative crafters =)
Hello everyone!

I get the reaction from the old ladies and their old lady customers when I'm at craft shows- like "oh my god, don't go near that table, she has TATTOOS!!!!!

Silly, You would think that people would be over it by now!





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