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I have promoted my etsy everywhere but I still have no sales :(

Hello, on January I joined etsy. I have promoted by etsy in many websites such as twitter, livejournal, posterous, tumblr.  I have joined communities like this website. I have also put my items to sale in other websites similar to etsy, but I still have not made one sell. What am I doing wrong?

Here is my etsy : http://tigrita.etsy.com

Thanks for your input.

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Hi there!

Selling jewelry is difficult because there is so much jewelry on Etsy. I've heard this time and time again from various jewelry designers. I'd say the thing you need to do is make more items. If someone searches for "charm bracelet" and you only have one or two listed, your items will get buried under thousands of other bracelets listed. But if you have several items listed your jewelry will come up more often on search results. The more you have listed, the more your shop will be seen!

Best of luck to you and please don't get discouraged. It takes many sellers months before they have their first sale. Once you do and once you get some positive feedback in you shop the sales will be more regular, especially around the holidays.

Best of luck to you!


P.S. You may want to check out Google Analytics so you can see where your traffic is coming from.
Thank you maybe I am a little scared of making a lot of things and not be able to sell them, but I will try to list more stuff online. There are things I have not uploaded yet but I will do it soon. THANKS.
Just added you to my favs, I like your stuff... and I know the feelling! It takes hours of work (and dinero) just to create on piece, you don't want it to sit there for a year and not sell!
Hi, I know how you feel. I have been on etsy for a long time and I've only made a few sales- 8. I have spent countless hours advertising everywhere, free and paid advertising, forums, and have only made a few sales after being on etsy for well over a year. I don't know how people do it. Some make thousands of sales.
You make beautiful photos! Some people have more luck selling offline than online. I made my first sell last week, but it was a cousin, but I think to be successful at selling you have to promote yourself offline too within people you know in person. At least you have made 8 sales online!
Thank you for your imput and kind words. Thank you to everyone for great tips!!!
First thing I see is you only have 4 items for sale. You need a lot more!!

You also need to optimize your shop for SEO most of my sales come from people searching google and so on.

Three things you can to help is:
1. Change your shop title, ad descriptive words like handmade jewellery, gemstones ect. keep it short though look at mine for an example www.sleepymoondesign.com

2. Write a longer and more descriptive shop anouncement. Google pulls key words out of there and that helps people find your shop through google\

3.Your shop sections should have short generic descriptive words like earrings, bracelets, necklaces also try to never change these sections because google will take about 2 weeks to "crawl" your etsy shop and if you change them they will have to do it all over again. Oh yeah those shop sections are key words that google pics up.

But before you can really get any sales you must list more it shows that you are actually serious about selling jewellery.

Hope that made sense!
Thank you. I will try to follow your advice. Selling online and offline takes a lot of effort!, but I will try my best.
Wowie! What great advice...I am going to apply what you said immediately. Thank you so much for the help. Please check out my site for any feedback you might have: Lollyflower-etsy
Hi Val,
I peeked at your Etsy Shop and here is some input.

First glance, it was hard to read the type on your banner. So I had to figure out what you were selling instead of knowing instantly.

I also would like to see more about you in the shop announcement and profile. I like to see a link to the artist's Twitter and blog so I can go find out more about them and see if I truly do want to buy something from them.

Maybe instead of saying Tigrita's Shop in the black subhead type below your banner, you could put something descriptive or fun, maybe, Jewelry to Celebrate Life or Tigrita's Shop sells Luscious Jewelry for the Tigeress in You...you decide but that type is important.

Also I don't see that you have shop policies. I suggest going to successful jewelry seller's on Etsy and looking to see what they have in their shop policies. Shop policies can gain the trust of an Etsy Buyer. They want to know you are reliable and how the item will be shipped. And how will the jewelry be packaged?...in a box, a pretty little bag, wrapped in tissue, in a cello bag? Can you gift wrap it if I want to give it to someone? Let your audience know what to expect.

You could tell a story about the piece in the description. What were you thinking or feeling when you made the piece? Do you want the wearer to feel a certain way?

Words are important. The successful sellers are those who capture their audiences attention. If someone writes, "It is my intention that you will feel the beauty and specialness within yourself when you wear this lovely, sparkling necklace.", well....I just might buy it cause I want to feel that.

Maybe look at what others are doing and try to do something similar but unique to your own branding. The Tiger is your brand so think of things that describe the tiger and what that represents.

Also more items in your shop will get people to notice you too! The more items to choose from the better.

Hope that helps!

Good thoughts,

Wow thank you for giving me this great advice. I need to make toooooons of changes in my site, I picked that name "tigrita" because I have always loved tigers, and I think the name is cute and short, but I have had second thoughts on choosing the name. I should change the banner as you said, and be more descriptive in what I am offering. Thanks
Being in jewelry sales myself, I TOTALLY understand your being confused. There are several factors at play here.

First, your limited amount of time selling. It takes awhile for people to find you, especially in an over-saturated area like jewelry. Be patient, you'll get that first sale:).
You must take pictures with a neutral background, so your jewelry really stands out. Also try to take them as close up as possible, or make sure you can edit them (crop, etc) with a photo program. Relist your items often. It costs $ but people see you a lot more that way. I have'nt promoted any further than twitter myself. Also the other advice is really good. Good luck to you, It'll happen, don't give up !!






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