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I tried the transfers and omgosh no luck! A sweet lady in one of my groups asked me how to make my charms so I posted it to the group. I thought he BLOG THIS! So I hope it makes sense to you guys and I will post a copy of what I wrote to my group!
Also I have 2 new domains! One is spooky Hollow Folk art.com and the other is Spooky Hollow .net.
Both will be the same website that I am currently slowly working on.
I am also opening a new Etsy store Spooky Hollow.
I just thought the name fits so much better because the series of paintings I sold are called Spooky Hollow Series. ( all the creepy cute characters you see in my work, paintings & charms and pendants.
I have so many cool charms and pendants done I just need to take photos and get them listed in my shops.
So tomorrow New pics and now today...
How to make clay charms for dummies! HEH!<--me being the dummy!
I self taught myself with the clay charms. This is what I do..works for me. I tried transfers and I have no luck with them at all so I print my work tiny..I take an easy short cut to do it. I have a free photo program called Piccasa. I make a collage out of my art in that program which is so totally easy to understand. I save it and then I print it. I let the print dry for at least an hour. I cut out my guys in squares or rectangles. I use Fimo or sculpty clay and run it through a pasta clay machine I found at Micheals for 9 bucks with a coupon lol. ( it totally does NOT matter what color clay you use or what kind really ) Running the clay through softens up the clay and also makes a perfect thin pc I can work with. I use the 7 or 8 setting. I put pressed clay on wax paper. I put my cut out print on top and cut around it like a pattern with an exact o knife. After it is cut I press the print into the clay pretty hard. This makes like a little frame that you can see after you bake the clay. I take the print back off. Then I run more clay through the machine really thin like on 2 or 3 setting. I take the first clay I cut out and put a loop pin finding on the back. I have to cut most of the pin off.
So I have this little loop thing and I press it into the back of the first clay cut out. Then I take the thin clay I just pressed and place it over the cut out clay with the loop pressed in. I cut around the thin clay using the first cut out clay as a pattern. This places the loop in the middle of the pc so you don't have an ugly loop on the back!
Then I bake it in the oven at 270 for 15 minutes..actually I bake a bunch at the same time.
Let it cool and paint each little charm black in my case.
Front and back. Then sometimes I go over the black with clear glitter paint.
Now you are ready to modge podge your print onto the cut outs! You only need a tiny bit on the back of the print.
When that dries glaze it with either Diamond glaze or Sculpty glaze. Diamond glaze will give it a raised glass like effect and sculpty will give it a pretty shine.
With these products my ink does not run.

Let dry add ribbon if you like, crystals or whatever!

How did I do did I make sense??

Btw the bracelet pictured above sold last night! never fear i have another almost done that looks very similar!
I also will post the new Day of the Dead beads I have in tomorrow.

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this is totally fun and looks like you enjoyed making it





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