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I am now reviewing Etsy shops and products in my We Love Etsy blog

I am now blogging Etsy shop and product reviews in my blog space on We Love Etsy. Please feel free to comment on these and to send me shops I should check out.

Ms. Lexia

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I'm really new at this... so I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts when you have time.


Thanks.. RHL
What is your blog adddress?
Hi Lindsay,

It's right here on my Ms. Lexia profile on We Love Etsy! I just updated the fragrance review of Urbbody's solid perfumes. Highly recommended!

Lexia- where is this blog ? so we can look :)

Here is my art and faith BLOG :)

Here is a new listings I am featuring...
A kitchen blessing :)
for sale at www.blueyeduckstudios.etsy.com


Are you looking for Q & A type info?

Hello Katey!

It's right here http://etsylove.ning.com/profile/mslexia. It's on my We Love Etsy page. Thanks. I am checking out your links.

Have a great day.
Hi KateyD,

It is a little embarassing for me ... but, what is a Q & A type info. ?(Maybe Question and Answer?)

Hi Ms. Lexia,

I would like you to check my shop and see if you can add me to your blog (Is this how it is done? I'm a complete ignoramus as to blogs!)
Yes, my blog is right here http://etsylove.ning.com/profile/mslexia on We Love Etsy. I will check out your shop today.

Hi Lexia, I'm pretty new to Etsy but it's been such fun looking round and opening my 2 shops. They're pretty different to each other but all made by me. 22simon90.etsy.com has my cute and fun children;s mobiles in. They make a brilliant baby gift (Pigs do Fly & Buzzy Bees) the other critters are great for toddlers> my own 2 kids love the Parrots and the Chickens. nimblejacks.etsy.com has my lovely adjustable felt flower necklaces and felt brooch duos. I wear my neckalces everywhere I go as a living advert!!!! I'm currently taking part in the YART SALE for the first time. Mum of 2, living in a barn my hudband & I converted ourseleves, in Gower, Swansea, Wales. I'm even trying out Flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/nimblejacks/

love your site, wish I had more time to find these resources
Hello Clairex,

I'm checking out your shop today. I'm new to Flickr as well and trying to learn all the ways Etsy members connect with each other. Your life sounds like a dream! I'm here in the suburbs of Detroit.

I'd like to hear how the YART SALE goes for you!

Since I have a background in writing and journalism, I thought I'd write about Etsy shops that really impress me.

I love felt brooches. I have to go peek at your shop now !

I would like you to check me out on etsy... if you can.


Hi Ms Lexia: A little embarrassing but I would like to suggest you check out my own shop! I'm a new Etsy seller and would love to give you my shop to review. I've just joined We Love Etsy, and also being new to Etsy, am still navigating my way around the wild world of Etsy! Finest to you, Rosie. www.rosiegoa.etsy.com





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